June 16, 2012

Raspberry oatmeal

BREAKFAST Raspberry oatmeal topped with nuts and raspberries

It's finally weekend, so why not celebrate it with this lovely bowl of wonderful, tasty and healthy raspberry oatmeal?!  Just looking at that dark pink gorgeous color makes me happy, and the taste was even better (: The weather today is so good here in Denmark, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, so i think i'm going to take a good long run after posting this. Nothing better to kickstart the day, it leaves me with so much good energy and positivity. Tonight i'm planning a trip to the cinema with some of my best buddies, really looking forward to get some time with my girls, I miss them alot! We really haven't seen much to eachother during the exams, to busy studying. I'm so glad that it's over verry soon! I wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy weekend - Much love! (:

1 serving

The oatmeal
0,5 cup of rolled oats
1 cup of raspberries (I used frozen)
1 cup of water or milk
Vanilla extract
Sweetener (Stevia, honey etc.)

The topping
A couple of raspberries
A handful of mixed nuts

Start by heating up the berries in the microwave, until the consistency is nice and smooth (about 1 minute). Now, mix the rest of the oatmeal ingredients into it, and put it in the microwave again for about 2-3 minutes, until the consistency is the way you like it. At last, top it with a bit of raspeberries and nuts. There you go - ready to be enjoyed!


  1. Anonymous16.6.12

    So pretty, raspberries are like the cutest berries ever ♥
    Can not wait until the season starts here!

    + just found your blog, all your oatmeals sound great!

    1. Thank you - I'm really happy that you like it! and yep, raspberries are amazing, so tasty and pretty, love it! (:


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